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20 Insensible AdSense Ads

20 Insensible AdSense Ads

Lets admit it, AdSense is a big joke. Although it does motivate wannabe internet entrepreneurs like us to try and make a buck, it is a breeding ground for get rich quick scammers, quacks, fake date sites and ghastly Siberian brides. Combined with Google’s activity monitoring genius, the ads usually hit the target but sometimes the keywords get hilariously specific. Here are some instances of the $20 billion text going wrong.

1. Don't worry, internet will help

2. Bid before they get too old

3. Includes educational excursions to Afghanistan

4. Posthumous Pedophile

5. Make sure you don't add too much pepper

6. PETA love

7. How much for that vagina?

8. I died from cheezburger

9. Yes you are, if you play WoW

10. Factory Refurbished

11. I'd like that multiple offer

12. Didn't know it was that easy!

13. Learn the AdSense click spell

14. A couple of them live in the church too

15. Do they buy them too?

16. I need to meet drunk, wealthy and ugly women

17. One for each wife

18. Catch your cheating wife by dating her

19. Book your trip to the in laws now!

20. Nokia FTW!

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