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16 Hilarious Lego Creations

16 Hilarious Lego Creations

Here are 16 hilarious brickjobs to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Terrorist


These minifigs from Brickarms stirred quite a controversy when a UK based Muslim group called them 'absolutely disgusting'. Like it or not, they did a pretty cool job. The good old Russian or Nazi is just a bit too dated now.

2. Waterboarding


By legofesto who claims to be a “a politics-junkie and news-hound, with a thing for lego”. She specializes in recreating human rights abuses and real events in lego. This particular creation is sure to make Khalid Sheikh Muhammad proud.

3. Going Green in Rustenberg

Going Green in Rustenberg

This will definately inspire the english football team.

4. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Simple Constructive Genius

5. Obama


Mrs Obama is not please

6. iPad


A Lego Brick Has More Ports.

7. Lego SM

Lego SM

The bottom looks like a quick reconstruct job on stephen hawking.

8. Prison Rape

Prison Rape

Because they dont care even if you are a lego figure.

9. Hand of God

Hand of God

By Mike Stimpson, AKA Balakov. ‘God’ himself would surely approve the cheeky smirk and the absence of belly fat. More Balakov brilliance can be viewed here. 


10. Duploatse


Gaping Design Flaw.

11. Streaker


Michael O Brien's infamous gallop at Twickenham. Another Balakov Masterpiece.

12. Hell


A rendition of Hell by The Brick Testament. Spot the commie.

13. Bolshevists


Because we all want our kids to be commies.

14. Off-season Santa

Off season Santa

Disturbing Santa depiction found on a calendar.

15. Weed


If you get caught, you go here. If you dont get caught, you go there.

16. Beer Bong

Beer Bong

*They who drink beer will think beer

Washington Irving

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