15 Wonderful Photos from Qinghai

15 Wonderful Photos from Qinghai

Qinghai, the Chinese province devastated by the recent earthquake is one of the most remote and beautiful regions on earth. Here are some wonderful images from this mysterious land.

1. Rapeseed in bloom

Rapeseed in bloom

Rapeseed fields in Menyuan country. Qinghai is one of the leading rapeseed producing regions in China.

2. Storm over high plains

Storm over high plains

A storm approaches the plains.

3. Immense sheep pastures

Immense sheep pastures

The rolling pastures of Tibetan Plateau are ideal grazing grounds.

4. Utter remoteness

Utter remoteness

Camped in the wilderness.

5. Qinghai lake

Qinghai lake

The beautiful Qinghai lake is the largest lake in China.

6. Rapeseed around Qinghai lake

Rapeseed around Qinghai lake

The lake is surrounded by a sea of rapeseed fields.

7. Yak ride

Yak ride

Chinese tourists on the shores of Qinghai lake getting photographed in traditional attire.

8. Under the rainshadow

Under the rainshadow

Desiccated Martian landscape in Eastern Qinghai.

9. The Dongguan Mosque

The Dongguan Mosque

The 600 year old Dongguan Mosque. Qinghai has a sizable ethnic Hui Muslim minority.

10. Lonely Highway

Lonely Highway

The Qinghai-Yunan highway runs though some of the most desolate scenery on the planet.

11. Drunk driving warning

Drunk driving warning

A creative drive safe warning on the highway.

12. Wilderness Express

Wilderness Express

The Qinghai-Tibet railway is perhaps the most picturesque railway line in the world.

13. At the foot of Giants

At the foot of Giants

The railway approaching snow-covered peaks.

14. Hui Boy

Hui Boy

A young Hui.

15. Tibetean Man

Tibetean Man

A Qinghai ethnic Tibetan.

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