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15 Tips on How to Be a Successful Vlogger

15 Tips on How to Be a Successful Vlogger

Making money online seemed to be a cliche in the early to mid-2000s. But with the increasing number of authentic opportunities of making money online, people have started to fill up their banks. Among such opportunities was Vlogging, which became increasingly popular as soon as YouTube rose to prominence. Vlogging is the art of creating videos on a specific subject matter and then sharing them on major video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion among others. As a precedent to prosper in literally any profession, Vlogging requires considerable research, hard work, creativity, and a mix of various skills. In the start, Vlogging might seem a daunting profession to undertake but as soon as the hard work starts to pay off, Vloggers start making staggering amounts of money.

Therefore, to become a successful vlogger, one needs to know about a variety of tips and tricks which they need to incorporate in their work. To discuss such tips and educate our readers about them, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of 15 Tips on How to Be a Successful Vlogger.

1 – Select a Crowd-Pulling Niche

Once you have made up your mind that you want to get involved in Vlogging, you must select a crowd-pulling niche. A niche that has the potential to attract a reasonable audience. But at the same time, it must interest you as well because then Vlogging will keep you motivated and happy with each and every video you create.

2 – Research Your Competitors

After selecting your niche, you would notice that a number of other people are already working and creating videos on the same niche as yours. They are your competitors. Therefore, you must go through their channels and profiles, research what they have already published, which video got them the most views, and how do they interact with their audience.

3 – Understand How YouTube Works

Since you are going to work on YouTube mostly, so it is better that you understand how it works. For a start, you must focus on creating your own channel, going through your created channel, and understand what YouTube has to offer to you. Moreover, you can surf the internet and read useful blogs in accomplishing the aforementioned task.

4 – Select an Attractive Username

A very important aspect that can heavily contribute to your success as a vlogger is the username you select. Username must be attractive, unique, and catchy that could stick with your prospective viewers so that they can easily find you in the future.

5 – Research what is Trending

For publishing your first videos and garnering a bit of following, you must research whatever is trending on the YouTube trends. Trends help you promote your channel and yourself, not only initially but on any level of your career as a vlogger.

6 – Create a Plan to Schedule the Publishing of Your Videos:

To professionally manage your work as a vlogger, you must document whatever you do. You must plan and schedule your every move, every video that you are going to create, every strategy you are going to implement to help you become a successful vlogger.

7 – Use Professional Vlogging Equipment

For creating top-notch, well-researched and interactive videos, you must own various vlogging equipment. To start off, you must own a good vlogging camera which can buy through Amazon as it offers a number of professional cameras that are suitable for YouTube. You must have software like Camtasia for Windows and Screenflow for Mac, to serve the purpose of screen recording. Moreover, video editing tools such as MovieMaker for Windows and iMovie for Mac are also essential to have.

8 – Publish Genuine and Authentic Content

Content that is well-researched, informative, and interactive is prone to attract a decent number of views. Therefore, professional vloggers always provide this pro-tip to beginner to always publish genuine and authentic content.

9 – Publish Frequently:

To keep your audience interested in your videos and your channel, you must try your best to keep your channel active. So to serve this purpose, you must publish videos frequently without leaving long gaps in between them.

10 – Optimize Your Videos to Get Discovered

Video optimization is the part and parcel of getting discovered on YouTube and garnering fame you truly deserve after publishing original and attractive videos. Video title, file name, tags, and description are all important factors that contribute in the optimization of your videos.

11 – Use an Interactive Tone in Your Videos

Use of interactive tone in your videos is an essential ingredient in the recipe of becoming a successful vlogger. Understandably because interactive tone addresses the audience directly and makes them feel as if you are sitting right in front of them.

12 – Interact with Your Viewers in the Comments Section

A remarkable opportunity of success that many vloggers fail to grab is of not interacting with their viewers in the comments section. On the contrary, interaction with your viewers would actually make them feel important and increase your importance. Helping your viewers in understanding something that is in your video or casually interacting with them can definitely have a positive effect on your channel’s number of subscribers and views on your videos.

13 – Link Your Videos to Your Website

To attract more and more views on your videos, it is a great idea to embed them in your website if you have one. In this way, people who visit your website would also watch your videos and not only the YouTube audience.

14 – Share on Social Media

Social media is the key to going viral on the internet these days. Therefore, as soon as you publish new videos, you must share them on all the major social media websites. This would in return help you garner more views and constantly increase the number of subscribers to your channel.

15 – Knock Yourself Out

Finally, in implementing all of the tips given above, just knock yourself out. Vlogging is an exciting profession to undertake and has a considerable number of success stories. So go on YouTube right now, create your channel, publish videos, get famous and become a successful vlogger!

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