15 Awesome Wallet Designs

15 Awesome Wallet Designs

Here are 15 unique wallet designs guaranteed to boost male coolness. Who said wallets are a neglected fashion accessory?

1. Money Wallet

Money Wallet

The Mugger Magnet

2. Butter on Toast

Butter on Toast

For the real bread winner.

3. Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

With retractable antenna. A bit obsolete though.

4. Cork Wallet

Cork Wallet

Made from real cork.

5. Rogue Wallet

Rogue Wallet

Especially designed for the front pocket.

6. Customizable Lego Wallet

Customizable Lego Wallet

Comes with additional Lego blocks. Might leave some marks on your bottom.

7. Financial Comfort

Financial Comfort

Now there is no need to hide money beneath your mattress.

8. Bun Wallet

Bun Wallet

Foam filling ensures a comfortable Bun.

9. Bacon Wallet

Bacon Wallet

Now no $ needed for meaty wallet.

10. Airmail


For the Men of Letters and People of Substance

11. Digital Photo Viewer Wallet

Digital Photo Viewer Wallet

Good gift for Grandpa

12. Atari Cartridge

Atari Cartridge

Made from real Atari cartridges. Not the most comfortable thing to carry in your back pocket.

13. Faraday’s cage

Faraday s cage

Woven from stainless steel micro-fibers. Also protects RFID chips from wireless hackers.

14. French Fries

French Fries

Upsize your pocket.

15. NYC Subway Map

NYC Subway Map

Good camouflage from pickpockets. The map is actually useful.

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