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13 Unknown Gmail Features

13 Unknown Gmail Features

Most of the people use Gmail because of the fact that it provides the whole gigabyte space feature. But there are many other things that you can do with Gmail. The web-based email has been revived by Gmail. Here, in this


we have provided 13 reasons that how you can use the Gmail in




Have you clicked the send button by mistake? There is nothing to get worried about. You can use the “Undo Send” feature as it might save you a few blushes. When this feature is enabled, the email is then held by it for about 5 seconds before it is eventually sent to the destination. So, there is enough time for you to realize that you have sent the email by mistake.

How to enable:

Go to “Settings” option that is in the top right, then “Labs”, scroll down and enable “Undo Send” button.


You might have got a meek sidekick feeling at office when your authoritative sounding emails are sent with a humble “on behalf of” indication. You know who are the real culprits behind this? This annoying thing is caused by the email clients like Outlook. However, in Gmail you can send emails from a custom “From:” but the person who has sent the email originally is always included in the message header for protocol compliance. This also helps to prevent from being marked as spam. Although, many other email clients take this up from the header and add the “on behalf of” to the sender. This problem has now been solved by Gmail as it now routes the email through the custom email server. Hence, this eliminates the need to add original sender information in the header section and it puts “on behalf of” to rest.

How to enable:

Open “Settings” in the top right, then click on “Accounts and Imports”. In the “Send mail as” section, click on “edit info” button and then choose “Use your other email provider’s SMTP servers”.


You can even get more time to consider rather than having just 5 seconds provided by “Undo Send.” The noose can be tightened further around those drunken weekend escapades by using “Mail Goggles.”  This technique asks you to solve some simple math problems before sending the email. Usually, this sanity verification feature is activated by default during late nights of the weekend but you can also adjust it according to your requirements.

How to enable:

Open “Settings” in the top right, then  click on “Labs”, scroll down and enable “Mail Goggles.”


The people who receive a lot of emails; it becomes difficult for them to see email under different filters. In Gmail, you can use the multiple inboxes feature which gives you a quick view of the messages under different filters in separate panels.

How to enable:

Open “Settings” in the top right, then click on “Labs”, scroll down and enable “Multiple Inboxes.”


A lot of copy-paste effort is required for properly documenting an email conversation. However, Gmail allows you to convert a conversation into a Google doc which is then ready for direct modification and sharing.

How to enable:

Go to “Settings” in the top right, then click on “Labs”, scroll down and enable “Create a Document.”


The people who have the issue of the slow internet can understand that how hard it is to attach the documents in an email. The bucket is usually kicked by the bad connections as soon as the huge attachment has finally been uploaded. You can solve this issue by using the Gmail outbox feature. You can archive all your attachments by using this feature that is combined with gears, hence in case of any connection failure, the documents can be sent later.

How to enable:

First of all, download Gears then go to “Settings” in the top right, then click on “Offline and “Enable Offline Mail for this Computer”. Offline attachments don’t work for inline images.


You can get into a lot of trouble by sending some lewd videos to the wrong “Bob” at office. You can now save your job with the help of Gmail. Gmail keeps an eye on the groups of people you email the most often. Hence, usually if you send office gossip to a group of three co-conspirators, but accidentally add Fat Bob from HR instead of Bob who is your friend, then Gmail can warn you about this potentially fatal error.

How to Enable:

Open “Settings” in the top right, then click on “Labs”, scroll down and enable “Got the wrong Bob?”


Trojans and Phishing scammers are uncontrolled on the internet with a large number of password stealing. Hence, there is a great probability that your inbox can get hacked. Therefore, if you have downloaded a cool executable with which you can do nothing and after a while, you started getting calls from your bank, then you must check your account activity.

How to Monitor:

You can see the option “Last account activity: …” at the bottom of your inbox. Click on “Details” that is placed next to it and a new window will pop up with information about 10 most recent logins.


Has it ever happened to you that you opened your Gmail on a shared computer and find out that the previous user had forgotten to sign out the account? This mistake can lead you to huge trouble but you can save yourself from getting into it by using the “Remote Sign Out” feature. Moreover, Gmail can also compare the different geographical locations from where you sign in and alert you if the locations are widely separated. It also alerts you if the sign ins happen in a short span of time. So, you can change your password on time before its too late.

How to Enable:

You can see “Last account activity: …” in small print at the bottom of the inbox. Click on “Details” next to it and a new window will open. In order to sign out remotely, click on “Sign out all other sessions”. Then at the bottom, click on “change” button next to “Alert preference: Show an alert for unusual activity” and enable this button.


Apart from the regular name, Gmail also has the ability to add your location to the signature. The location of the person is determined using IP Geolocation which is not always accurate. Gears Geolocation API can be used for improving accuracy.

How to enable:

In Gmail, click on “Settings” on the top right. Then click on the “Labs” and then “Signature Preferences” and check “Append your location to the signature”.


If you want to send someone an email at a particular time but you know that you would not be available at that time then use a browser extension such as Right Inbox or Boomerang to do it for you. Both of these services allow you to send up to 10 pre-scheduled messages per month for free. Moreover, you can also send an unlimited number of emails starting at $5 a month.

You can also run scripts on your own without any cost in Google Sheets to complete the same tasks.


You can also snooze the emails that can then pop back up to the top of your inbox at a later date and time. For this, you can use Gmail Snooze which is a Chrome extension. You can use this for reminding you.


You may have heard much time “Sorry, I didn’t get or see your email.” You can use different email tracking extensions like Bananatag Email TrackingSidekick and Intelliverse Email Tracker. These are Chrome extensions that let you know that your email was read or not. Moreover, you can also get to know that how many times the person has opened the email and on which device.


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