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11 Amazing Laptop Accessories

11 Amazing Laptop Accessories

Everyone today has a laptop. There was a time when, some light years back, when it was deemed a luxury. Well not anymore. The transition from luxury to necessity is a story worth telling. So now it’s mostly about having the most chic looking machine, with the hottest accessories and and logic-defying plug-ins. So what is it that makes your laptop cooler than that of your friends, co workers, and the world in general? Following is a list of accessories which will make your laptop stand out among the other simpleton machines.

1. 007 USB

007 USB

Dubious of all the security that all the software today have to offer? Miss the olden times when it was all simple and free of hassle? Here is a USB device for you that offers a combination lock with a two-fold purpose – keeping the flash drive physically attached to an object like a laptop with the steel cable, while offering another layer of security for would-be data thieves to contend with. Just don’t forget the combination.

2. Digital Photo Frame - Wireles

Digital Photo Frame - Wireles

Imagine how this would look on your office desk: the lap top LCD is turned off but the pictures of your past skimming through the view of this sleek and miniature digital frame. Just give it a destination folder and see the pictures zoom in and out the whole day. And behold the austerity- it’s completely wireless as it comes with Bluetooth support! Talk about class.

3. USB – Spy Camera – MP3!

USB – Spy Camera – MP3!

Ok now this baby is freaky! Comes with a built in MP3 player and a High-Tech Miniature 1.3MP Spy-Camera and offers up to 2GB of flash memory with the capability of storing more than 15,000 images in 1280×1024 size! These spy sunglasses have a built-in rechargeable Li-ion Battery that allows you to enjoy up to 6 hours of Music and up-to 10 photos/min. Its wireless remote control enables you to take photos silently, without touching the controls of the sunglasses itself – Mission Impossible 4 is here.

4. Pocket Printer

Pocket Printer

It doesn’t get better than this: this thing here is about the size of a deck of cards. Take a picture on a cell phone, camera, or laptop, wirelessly send the file to the printer using Bluetooth and enjoy the result in the form of is a two-inch-by-three-inch photo printed on paper. Makes it fast and makes it good.

5. Wireless Travel Router

Wireless Travel Router

See that small black thing right there? That’s so not a calculator. Instead, it is the world’s smallest Wireless Travel Router, a high performance router so small it can disappear into your front pocket. When out of town, far away from home, why should you have to suffer with primitive living conditions like crappy Wi-fi? Take this out of your jeans, attach it to your lap top, and make an atmosphere of your own. Oh, and this is 30mbps… any more questions?

6. USB Heating Gloves

USB Heating Gloves

No need to take breaks and rub your hands together while typing to make them warm – these USB Gloves will take care of it. Just attach it to your lap top and feel your hands become all comfortable, and type in ease. Who cares about winters… or even the damn North Pole for that matter?

7. Laptop Vault

Laptop Vault

This gorgeous monster can be used at any location, wherever you want, to protect what you have on your laptop. This cool safe holds your laptop very securely with its own armor. Now, you will not have to worry about roommates or even your parents accidentally losing your term paper, or deleting your contacts. The laptop safe is a metal box with a lock that will bolt to your furniture from the inside. The safe will comfortably hold a seventeen-inch laptop, your cell phone, written papers, and more.

8. Laptop Vacuum

Laptop Vacuum

It doesn’t matter if you are a clean freak or not – you will need this sooner or later. This chic piece of technology goes in around the corners, cleans the edges, and kills the dust that has settled in. If your laptop has to look good, it needs to look clean!

9. Laptop USB HDTV Receiver

Laptop USB HDTV Receiver

The marvels of technology are limitless aren’t they? Just when you thought you had see it all, you are presented with another gadget that leaves you completely boggled. Just plug in the USB, place the antenna at a decent height and – viola! Your lap top is a TV. Soon cable TV will be obsolete.

10. Laptop Desk Futura

Laptop Desk Futura

It’s not just about the science these days – looks matter as much. Its sleek curves set the Laptop Desk Futura apart from other notebook platforms. Unfold it and this cool piece of architecture will keep away the hotness from reaching your lap, so it’s automatically good for health. And you will look hip using it. Fold it, and the Futura can be used on a desk or table.

11. Laptop Lap Desk

Laptop Lap Desk

Just the way you can carry your laptop around, you can carry its desk around in exactly similar fashion. Fold it, close it, and put it in your bag. Your thighs won’t have to feel the weight nor the heat of your laptop. It’s bendable structure allows you to twist and turn it to your own convenience, and the position you want to sit in. It’s that simple.

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