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11 Subspecies Of A Gamer

11 Subspecies Of A Gamer

Have you ever listened about a gamer from mass media, politicians, and various other groups who are less informed but overly vocal? After listening to these sources you will think that the gamer is nothing more than a basement dweller; the gamer is the one who drinks nothing but energy drinks and eats nothing but a steady diet of Hot Pockets and Cheetos. However, this can be true in case of some of the gamers but there are far many more types of gamer than just the basement dweller. In this list, we have compiled many different subspecies of the gamer.


1. The Fearless Leader

Once you start venturing into the video game culture, you will get to know that there are leaders and followers. The trait of good leaders is that they take charge and have a clear plan for victory. This is not the case with the fearless leader. The fearless leader is the one who lacks tactical planning, charisma, and also does not possess a common sense that makes leaders victorious. The plans of fearless leaders are typically overly complex and their plans make very little sense to anyone other than them. Fearless Leader’s plan contains everything from a starting engagement to the post-victory party. If anything falls apart, they start blaming the players and not the plans. I don’t think so that you would bump into that particular Fearless Leader again as he will make a more complex plan that will fail once again.

2. The Enabler

You might not have heard about the new game. Let me tell you in detail; the Enabler will exclaim. Enabler is the one who is always a little too excited about the next game.  The Enabler will try to get you to buy games to play with them. They will do it no matter if you have got the interest in the game or not. They will also not consider any reviews of the game they have latched onto. What actually critics do? They have got a lot of experience and they get paid for giving their opinions. The thought may popped in your mind that your Enabler friend is a plant by a game developer in an effort to make you buy more games.

3. The Twitch Gamer

The twitch game movements are actually a reflex action rather than a conscious thought. The twitch gamers are fueled by a dangerous combination of energy drinks, sugar, and other substances. These gamers stay up all night to play their preferred game. They will power themselves up with the sugar and caffeine and if that does not work then energy drinks is the next option. They stay up for so long that they might have not seen their bed for any nights. They have a lot of games to pay, so they stay up all night. Always remember!  Try to avoid looking at an enemy in front of a Twitch Gamer as it can do nothing good.

4. The Casual

However, most of the people think that the best is to be found on Facebook and countless flash based gaming websites, but there are many other casual gamers who switch to other games. So, in reality it is not possible to name a game without naming a habitat of a casual gamer. These gamers are like cockroaches. It does not matter that how hard you try. You cannot get rid of them. Well, short of using fire.

5. The Hardcore

The hardcore is the polar opposite of the Casual. These type of gamers lives for video games. They devote all their possible moments to the video games from sunrise to sunset. These gamers may have a wish of working at a video game developer, but they know that it would only cut into their game time. The hardcore gamers may cross the line into the Basement Dweller; although they can be productive members of society. But this is possible only if they find the willpower to pry their hands from the game controller.

6. The Mathematician

In most of the aspects, the mathematicians are same as that of hardcore but there are is a key difference. These gamers are more interested in maths that is behind the game instead of the actual game play. Sometimes this interest in maths can be beneficial but most of the times, it doesn’t interpret too much beyond a spreadsheet of why they should have been capable to wipe the floor with you.

7. The Young Ones

I know that everyone goes through the early age of their lives. But don’t get confused here. The term Young One is used for a very special type of child. These kids are usually found in ultra-violent, mature-rated games. This subspecies use to yell immorality of the like you have never heard before. The question is that why are they doing this? May be they are very happy to win and the joy is overtaking them or they can be angry in case if they have lost the game. But the only thing that comes in mind is that “Where are the parents of these young ones?”

8. The Griefer

There are some gamers for whom the game has lost its fun. Hence, they should start finding the news ways by which they can make themselves happy.  They can either switch to a new game or can also take a break. However, this is not the idea used by the Griefer.  The Greifer tries to make your gaming experience as unpleasant as possible. How much they make the experience unpleasant for you actually depend on their talents. They can do it simply by blasting music over the microphone. Although there are also some more advanced Grifers who may use exploits in the game in order to gain an unfair advantage. The greifers will try to do everything that they can, to make you miserable. You may think that why does the Grifer do this? The answer is that such type of gamers crave attention and as they lack any real skills or talents so they try to spoil the fun that others are having. Almost everyone tries to do like this. So, it may take the Grifer some more time to get extinct.

9. The Lemming

The lemming subspecies is different from its real life counterpart. The Lemming is very enthusiastic to fling itself into any dangerous situation that may present itself. In case if faced a heavily guarded encampment; the Lemming will charge forth. Has a wall of fire springs forth from the ground? The Lemming will not take notice of it. Count past three while holding the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch? It may seem amazing! It does not matter that what is the situation. They will keep on finding the new ways to die.

10. The Flirt

The flirt relies more on erotica than actual skill to defeat the enemy.  They use their strategy of disarming the fellow gamers by utilizing their sex appeal and suggestive comments. The thought may comes in your mind that this happens if the opponent is a female but it can be any gender. You just need to have a sexy voice, a bit of charisma, and the ability to find a handsome picture in case if their own are less than flattering.

11. The Tag Along

These gamers are the Jar Jar Binks of the gaming world! If the Tag Alongs think that they will not need to contribute any effort then they will follow you into the bowels of hell itself. When it comes to the fact that how to play a game? Then this species is usually a combination of laziness and blind stupidity. The rest of the species may blame their particular style of gaming, but the tag alongs do not do this. Some people say that these gamers have a real life and they do not have enough time to learn that how to play a game. But the truth is that they cannot figure it out. Death Knight class in World of Warcraft is the greatest concentration of this type of gamer

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