10 Quick Ways To Get A Promotion

10 Quick Ways To Get A Promotion

Recession has taken the world by storm. Companies are downsizing, firing employees or simply cutting down their pay. In this dark period keeping your job alone is a challenge, but every cloud has a silver lining and the right attitude can not only save your job but land you with a promotion even. So all you, victims of recession, out there, follow these 10 easy steps and turn things around for yourselves.

1. Excel at your current position:

If you want to get a promotion, make yourself promotable. See challenges as opportunities. Finishing your tasks just for the heck of it isn’t the right attitude, try to excel in them. Bottom line: Don’t just be good but be the best!

2. Show them your commitment and dedication:

Being enthusiastic is not enough; you have to actually show them that you are. Ask for work, if you know about an upcoming project, don’t just wait for it to come your way. Finishing your tasks ahead of the deadline, showing up a few minutes early and leaving a few minutes late won’t affect you that much but will definitely catch your boss’s eye. Go that extra mile and you will surely shine.

3. Volunteer:

As long as its not effecting your work you can always volunteer to help in other projects. Even if its not related to your field, but you think you have the expertise or the know how, don’t be afraid to pitch in. This will show that you are a team-player, and are concerned about the performance of not just your department, but of the company as a whole.

4. Show leadership skills:

Showing leadership skills doesn’t mean putting on a bossy attitude with your colleagues. This will only end up making you the bad guy. Always be a team player. Introduce fresh ideas and concepts and then offer to take charge and implement them. This will show that you have what it takes to tackle bigger tasks and will also bring out your leadership qualities.

5. Socialize:

Having good relations with your colleagues is very important because office politics play a major role in who gets promoted and who doesn’t. Be popular, but not notorious. Keep a friendly attitude towards everyone, help them often, regardless of the fact that that person is in your department or not. Organizations are social entities and if people know you and have a good impression about you, you’re definitely going ahead.

6. Get a mentor:

Getting a mentor can be very beneficial for you in your climb to success. A mentor is more like a business coach who will guide you through the hurdles and might even recommend you for a promotion. Make sure you pick the right person, someone who is not only experienced, but has achieved a lot and has a good reputation in the company.

7. Learn, learn, learn:

Your learning period doesn’t just end with school, on the contrary, learning is a lifelong process. The world around us is constantly changing and you don’t want to be the one lagging behind. So treat everyday as an opportunity to learn something new. Keep yourself updated through the internet. If your company is sponsoring some corporate training course, be sure to take it. You could even go back to school for a higher degree. Many universities offer night classes so that people can study and work at the same time. So learn, learn and learn, because learning is the backbone of success.

8. Practice self-promotion:

As long as it does not sound like bragging, there is nothing wrong if you remind your boss about your past accomplishments. People tend to forget achievements of the past but will always remember the mistakes. But remember this is about you only, so focus on your positive attributes and not on anyone else’s negative ones.

9. Dress for success:

Admit it or not, people do judge you on your appearance. This includes your attire, your mannerism and of course your personal grooming. Dressing professionally will not only give you the confidence, but will portray you as someone who takes his work seriously, knows his goals and is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve them. If you look and feel successful, then success will surely follow suit.

10. Let them know:

After you’ve mastered all the above steps, its time to let your boss know that you need a promotion. You’re not getting one unless you ask for it especially during this recession period. Bringing up the topic in an informal setting, preferably during a golf game, won’t be a bad idea. Scheduling an appointment to meet up with him is at work is a good alternative too. Just make sure that you play the right notes and make it sound like a request, rather than a demand.

Good luck in getting that promotion!

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