10 Political Books

10 Political Books

Writers have long strived to set up cases for and against the political struggles and have reached many audiences, communicating the facts and stories unknown to the common man. The understanding conveyed through political writing is of immense advantage to those who are interested in the nature of politics and global phenomenon. The list below is a carefully selected amalgam of books that have shed some revealing light on issues of great political importance in the world we live in:

1. Ghost Wars by Steve Coll

This international best-seller and winner of the Pulitzer price is the secret history of the CIA, Afghanistan and Bin Laden, from the Soviet invasion to September 10, 2001. The author is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has to his credit interviews with foreign spymasters and senior U.S officials. The books is named so since it explains the intricate network set up aided by America itself that led to today to the war it is fighting in Afghanistan.

2. Power, Politics and Culture- Interviews with Edward Said

This brilliant collection of one of our times’ greatest thinkers and political philosophers captures the range of Edward Said’s knowledge like no other single book. The book covers Said’s thoughts on everything from Palestine to Pavarotti, from his nomadic upbringing to his often controversial life in the United States of America. An intellectual biography, this book delves into a deep understanding of Said’s opinions and beliefs.

3. Palestine: A Nation Occupied by Joe Sacco

This brilliant comic-book account of the writer’s experience in both Palestine and Israel is a wry and often compelling account of the human right violations carried out on the occupied territories. The moral chaos and the abuse perpetuated by the struggle between the two nations have never been captured in such alluring drawings.

4. Bankrupt by David Limbaugh

A syndicated lawyer and a columnist, David Limbaugh takes it upon himself to lay bare what in his view is the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic Party. This makes for a very interesting read as Limbaugh takes us along policy by policy to reveal the internal functioning of a party that enjoys popular success in America.

5. Conservatives without Conscience by John W. Dean

The very authoritarian character of the Conservative party’s beliefs and policies is not just discussed but heavily criticized by the author who leads us through the various phases the party has gone through and the many decisions that put it in the spot today.

6. An Inconvenient Truth by Al-Gore

The former vice-president of America rings alarm regarding the deteriorating environmental conditions that we live in today. He targets the policies and the lack of policies that ha sled to an erosion of our resources and puts forward a picture of an alarming future. It is this movie that brought his efforts regarding the environment to the forefront and helped him be nominated for a Nobel Prize that he eventually won.

7. Catastrophe by Dick Morris

A book that is largely about how the promise of Obama may bring about more negative implications for America than are expected by the masses that voted for him, Morris sets out to tear apart Obama’s policies of what he calls ‘prosperity’ and raises a convincing if not entirely compelling account of why not to expect much from the President.

8. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

The title reads ‘My Struggle’ in German. The autobiography of Adolf Hitler, this book has been a bestseller ever since it got published. The mysterious and atrocious figure that Hitler was, narrates an account of his struggles in life and the origins and justifications for his radical political ideology.

9. Audacity of Hope by Barrack Obama

A book much different from U.S President Obama’s first book, ‘Dreams of My Father’ that explored his origins and his early life, Audacity of hope is a platform through which Obama shares his personal beliefs, values and the strengths of the political system he believes in. the books delves into a discussion of why he thinks the political system is “broken” and what maybe done to redeem this process and the government itself. A best-seller, this is an engaging account of personal opinions.

10. The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace, by Ali A. Allawi

From the former Iraqi Minister of Trade and Defense comes this book that is very wide-ranging in its scope in that it addresses issues of the problems created by the invasion and doesn’t criticize the causes of invasion alone. The author stresses upon the changed definition of war and peace and the wretched influence the invasion has had on the life in both Iraq and America.

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