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10 Oddest New Inventions

10 Oddest New Inventions

Lots of people think they have the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation necessary to become an inventor. Sure, some inventions have revolutionized our daily lives or have even saved lives. Not every invention that is created makes sense, however, or is even necessary in order to function in everyday life. Obtaining a U.S patent for an invention is a lengthy, costly process, yet some steadfast inventors plough through the red tape and produce some of the oddest, most unusual devices, objects, or services that will ever see the light of day. Even more intriguing is the idea that people will actually pay money, in some cases large sums of money, just to be able to say they tried out a new, trendy or just plain odd invention.


This unusual toilet serves a dual purpose: as a waste receptacle and as an aquarium. Many people have already introduced goldfish to the toilet, but usually that happens when they die. The Fish n’ Flush is an actual kit that turns your toilet tank into a living space for your pet fish – an aquarium. It comes with simulated reef and real fish. Fish n’ Flush is meant to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. However, PETA might protest the view to which the poor fish living in the toilet tank will be subjected! Fish n’ Flush can be yours for the price of $289 at JL Ryan.

2. Portable Office in a Tie

Portable Office in a Tie

Price Unknown
What could be more convenient than carrying your office with you wherever you go? More fashionable and handier than a briefcase, the Portable Office in a Tie is a functional accessory recently invented by the Japanese that can carry small office products like pens, scissors, tape, and notepads, and gadgets. Could this replace the traditional pocket protector, messenger bag, or briefcase? Or will it simply increase the income of chiropractors as wearers of the Portable Office in a Tie flock to their practices with sore necks and bad backs?

3. Hay Fever Hat

Hay Fever Hat

Price Unknown
Yet another functional accessory from Japan, the Hay Fever Hat is perfect for those suffering from seasonal allergies or the common cold. A roll of toilet paper is worn on top of the head, like a hat. It is attached by a chin strap to keep it handy when the need to blow or wipe one’s nose arises. It could also come in handy when other bodily urges strike. If you can get past the stares and laughter that will surely follow you when you wear it, this accessory makes perfect sense.

4. Fresh, the Shrinking Milk Jug

Fresh, the Shrinking Milk Jug

Price Unknown
One of the reasons a jug of milk goes bad after it’s been opened for about a week is that oxygen gets into it, oxidizing milk’s lactose sugars into smelly, sour lactic acid. Fresh, the Shrinking Milk Jug helps to squeeze all of the air out of the milk jug as it’s being used, keeping milk fresh for up to a week longer than normal. This odd invention could help those with tight grocery budgets make the most of their spending on the world’s most popular dairy product. No more crying over sour milk.

5. The Autonomous Saucier

The Autonomous Saucier

How many times have you wished for an extra hand while cooking? The Autonomous Saucier was designed specifically for that purpose. This battery-powered kitchen device stands in a pan and constantly stirs the sauces, giving you time to complete other tasks related to preparing a meal. Now there’s no excuse to have thick, lumpy gravies or sauces, as the Autonomous Saucier is like your own personal sous-chef. It sells for $39.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.


Believe it or not, this is an actual technological device sold by toy giant Mattel. Called Puppy Tweets, this gadget is worn around your dog’s neck and causes them to send a Tweet every time they move, bark, or sleep. More than 500 phrases are loaded into Puppy Tweets, and a random one is Tweeted each time the device is triggered. Examples include “I bark because I miss you” being sent directly after your dog barks, and “Can we get some sparkling water for the toilet bowls?” being sent when he drinks water. For those who are so close to their dog that they need to know what they’re doing or thinking every second, this is the perfect device, and costs just $29.99 at

7. Hello Kitty Keyboard Cleaner

Hello Kitty Keyboard Cleaner

At first glance this innocuous little object may look like something a bit more X-rated. However, this cute little Hello Kitty tool is actually a computer keyboard cleaner! The USB-powered device comes with a variety of brushes designed to clean food, crumbs, and dust off your computer keyboard. Listed under its capabilities is sucking and blowing. Maybe this is more X-rated than originally thought! You can purchase one for yourself at for $9.99.

8. Nubrella


One of the main problems with traditional umbrellas is that they don’t cover enough area to keep you dry. Another is that they have to be held in one hand while you’re trying to keep all of your other belongings in your other hand when rushing down a rainy street. Nubrella is a hands-free umbrella designed to solve both problems. With shoulder straps, it securely attaches to your body and keeps the head, neck and shoulder area dry. What’s more, Nubrella is treated polyurethane so that you’ll be able to see even during the heaviest rains. It may look a bit odd, but you’ll be the one laughing when everyone else is soaking wet. Available for $49.99 at

9. The Bumper Dumper

The Bumper Dumper

Parents of toilet-training toddlers have long struggled with the issue of what to do on extended car trips. Traditional potty chairs can be messy, stinky and hard to transport. Enter The Bumper Dumper, a toilet seat attached to a steel frame with a garbage bag underneath. As long as your vehicle has a trailer hitch, you’re in business to do your business. The only problem now is finding a private area where you can get the job done! Retails for $69.95 at

10. Caffeindicator


Price Unknown
This product could really come in handy if you have a medical condition or just want to avoid caffeinated beverages. The Caffeindicator consists of little litmus-like paper packets that look like sugar packets. Simply place a drop of coffee or other questionable beverage onto the Caffeindicator. If the paper turns pink, caffeine is present in the beverage. It is also a good way to test the truthfulness of a waitress or barista at the local coffee shop.

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