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10 Obscure Browsers For Your PC

10 Obscure Browsers For Your PC

Browsers today are a reflection of your personality. Trust me that’s not an overstatement if you are a regular internet user. You have browsers out there made especially for catering the needs of bloggers, P2P users, fans of social networking, and conventional users etc. Only the problem is that most users are not even aware of their existence. Following is a list of 10 obscure, but really useful browsers. Read on and you might actually find something you’ve been waiting for a long time.

1. SeaMonkey


Though their main focus is on Firefox, developers at Mozilla thought of coming up with an all-in-one application that would cater for the needs of advanced as well as basic internet users. Hence SeaMoneky was born. Coming with a browser, email client, IRC & WYSIWYG editor, SeaMoneky is a GECKO based rendering engine, similar to Firefox. With no memory hog, plenty of Plugins and Extensions, and an uncomplicated user interface, SeaMonkey is a stable and an easy to use browser which is definitely worth a shot.

2. Konqueror


Dubbed as "the next generation web browser, file manager and document viewer", the stand out feature of Konqueror is its speed; it’s not just fast, it’s ridiculously fast. It opens up faster, starts faster, and loads pages faster than any other browser of its walk. It’s capable of supporting heavy loads and is compatible with the most relevant open standards like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SSL and so on.

Another distinctive feature it offers is that every window can be split vertically or horizontally or even both ways, offering the possibility to keep the most important window opened at all times. For the moment, Konqueror has a few troubles with "Web 2.0" sites and some web applications. But if it is pace that you’re looking for, Konqueror is just what you’ve been waiting for.

3. Flock


Are you the one for Social Networking? Then Flock is the custom made browser developed especially to cater for your needs. Another one of Mozilla’s ingenious productions, it has a special tab for notifications when friends post on your facebook, myspace, flicker, twitter or other such pages, or even when a favorite website is updated. It offers a slick interface and plenty superfluous features to cap it.

4. Maxathon


The variety of this browser will put even the Russian salad to shame. A powerful tabbed browsing interface for easy navigation, a super ’drag n drop’ option so that you can open a page by simply dragging and dropping the link on the front page, a Favorites bar for your most visited pages, an exclusive Ad hunter for filtering unwanted ads and pop-ups, and an IE extension support if you are a conventional user. But the best is yet to come: behold – Mouse Gestures, a revolutionary invention among the browsers which enables you to use your mouse to command Maxthon easily. And this is just the beginning, this browser offers a little too much! Using is understanding.

5. Epiphany


Answer to all the prayers of GNOME users, Epiphany evolved into a well-known web browser especially for the fact that it is secure, user-friendly, lightweight and possesses an unadorned interface. Another stand-out feature that the Epiphany offers is that it is a no-nonsense, hardcore browser perfect for the conventional users. If you’re tired of those mind-boggling and unwanted extra buttons jumping at your face every time you open your browser and feel as if you’re facing the cock pit of some future sci-fi Hollywood spaceship instead of a simple web-application, Epiphany is the browser you should use. Keeps it simple and keeps it smooth.

6. Camino


It has a cool Mac-ish Look, is much faster than Firefox, takes system-wide Network Preferences into consideration, has every capacity to compete with Safari and Chrome on every level and like every standard browser these days, Camino too has a built in spell check. It is however similar to FireFox in many ways. For example the RSS Feed Detection can automatically detect feeds for the site you visit. Clicking on the feed will open it in the system’s default feed-reading application. The interface is undoubtedly gorgeous.

7. NetSurf


With size so small it would hardly trouble your hard disk, NetSurf is a multi-platform web browser for RISC OS and UNIX-like platforms, including Linux, and more.

Whether you want to check your email, read the news or post to discussion forums, NetSurf is a lightweight gateway to the world wide web. Its main focus is on efficiency and an innovative interface. Yet it maintains a focus on being user friendly and stress free.

8. Avant Browser

Avant Browser

Honestly speaking, this is just another web browser from around the corner. It offers everything that has been offered before, and does offer some nice features and functionalities, but doesn’t impress in comparison to several of the other browsers. The interface, the tabs, RSS fed and the mouse gestures are nice, but don’t carry Avant Browser to greatness. The developers will need to do something special if they want to make this the thing of the future.

9. Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer

Although it is vulnerable to viruses, Deepnet Explorer is a decent browser considering it has a handful of features, but unfortunately nothing that leaves you astounded. Its primary focus is on facilitating P2P networking and RSS feeds. But if that is all it does then it has a long journey ahead of it. Though it does present several useful tools and features, but fails to deliver all that the best browsers do.

10. Phase out

Phase out

Its flashy, that’s for sure. Phase out offers some really funky and graphically astute built in themes and skins. It is easily customizable and tailor made for those who want things done their way. But of course that comes at cost and that is the pace. The pages take slightly long to open and the load up isn’t ideal either. But yeah coming back to the looks, you’d definitely wish to phase out!

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