10 Millionaire Kids

10 Millionaire Kids

Some of the following kids had extraordinary entrepreneurial skills; some were artistically creative while others had sheer luck which brought them success. Whatever be the reason, these kids are rich, earning so much money in their teen ages which most of us would just dream about all our lives.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Having earned more than $25 million from his role as Harry Potter, he still has another $50 million coming from the remaining two feature films of the series. The British actor has his portrait at Britain’s National Portrait Gallery. Though he does not consider himself good looking, he remains a heartthrob among the young girls.

2. Miley Cirus

Miley Cirus

Who says that an autobiography is written when you are old? This 17 -year old girl has had hers published already. Earning more than $ 25million annually she has 3 super hit records, 2 highly earned world tours and has acted in 2 blockbuster movies. But her major fame earner has been her title role in the Disney world’s Hannah Montana Series. She is nicked as Smiley which is a dabbling of her first name Miley from the word “smile” as she keeps smiling all the time. She has her own clothing collection; her wax figure placed at Madam Tassauds and has been a Golden Globe nominee. Enough reasons to smile; aren’t they?

3. Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty

Commonly nicked as the Jam Boy, he started off with a loan from the bank and was a millionaire before he crossed his teens. Thanks to his sugar-free secret recipes, this Scot boy’s jams became something worth spreading for your toasts. His business SuperJam has not only earned him finances but has also made Scotland proud with him being awarded at international platforms. They must have been motivating as Doherty has long term growth plans with Peanut Butter and Marmalades next on his list.

4. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

This little girl clicked J K Rowling from the very first screen test. Actress of all Harry Potter movies this kid has earned more than 15 million dollars from the series. But there are not just these brilliant performances on Emma’s profile. She was a straight-A scorer at school and is now heading her way up at the university.

5. Ashley Qualls

Ashley Qualls

Owner of the website, this 19-year old so far has earned more than a million dollars and owns her own house where she lives with two of her employees i.e. her mother and sister. Having business acumen not any lesser than people 3 times her age, she even made the law believe so by getting legal emancipation giving her adult rights at the age of 17. Offering free Myspace pages and HTML tutorials to youngsters, she knows what her audience wants as she herself is of the same demographics. Her webpage is the true mirror of teen personalities, thus attracting more visitors than many other famous magazines such as Cosmo Girl or Seventeen.

6. Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin

At the age of 11, her paycheck was 1.5 million dollars earned from her role in ‘Little Miss Sunshine.’ Now 13, this little but established actress earns more than 2 million per movie. She has acted in more than 13 movies so far and has been nominated for an Oscar award before she was even a teenager. Sweet, serious and sincere to her work she is known as a true professional at her sets. Mommy however, doesn’t allow her full hands on the money she earns and has fixed a regular allowance for her to spend.

7. India Rose James

Well not everyone has to earn his share of wealth. Some are simply born with it. Young, beautiful and now extremely rich, 16 year old India Rose James along with her sister is the heir of millions that her grandfather left them. Owning her grandfather’s Soho Estate as well as earnings from his pornography business this school going girl will have to wait a few more years before she actually runs the business herself along with her sister.

8. Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson

He used to sell vegetables on a red cart when he was 7 years old. At 9, he got his first computer and started selling greeting cards. Though his journey of being a profitable business man had just begun, the pace was strong. He started managing his own finances, having a checking account at the age of 10 and was a millionaire before graduating high school. From selling tickets to earning from stocks, this young man has a lot to share with the world now. His excellent communication skills and vast knowledge have earned him various public speaking appearances all around the world. He has also appeared at various forums in print and electronic media including Washington Post, Oprah Winfrey Show, New York Times, Fox News, CNBC, BBC and ABC.

9. Stuart Donnelly

This youngest Jackpot winner really got the numbers right when he won more than $3 million at a lottery. With his money securely invested in a bank he has it all planned how he will be wisely spending it.

10. Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki

A brilliant Danish tennis player, she is ranked World Number 4 in Singles Ranking. She may not be the number one yet, which she aspires to become, but sure is having earned prize money of more than $3 million. Wozniacki got the love for sports from her parents who are also professional players. Her list of hobbies includes a lot of other sports but tennis is the one she is best at. At the age of 19, she already has 6 WTAs and 4 ITFs in her credits.

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