10 Cliches In Romantic Movies

10 Cliches In Romantic Movies

Romantic Movies is probably the earlist genre of filmmaking, and it is one that will never get old. But what we fail to realize is that all these movies are basically following the same old routine for the past 100 or so years! Following is a list of clichés that you will probably find in more or less all the romantic flicks that you come across. It’s a set formula that might even come in handy for you if you plan on becoming a movie director. Go through the list and you will see all these movies in a different and new light.

1. Opposites Attract - a little too much

Opposites Attract

They just have to be different. If the guy is a hip, cool, captain of the football team, man’s man kind of a fellow, the girl most definitely will be your everyday nerd with weird sadistic passions and a headmistress kind of an approach to life. Or it could be the opposite. The girl could be a good for nothing, popular cheerleader and the guy could be a hapless bundle of loser-ism. The difference in color, race, and social status is commonly found as well. In real life I’m sure they won’t even see eye to eye.

Movies: A Walk to Remember, She’s All That, French Kiss

2. Advisor Friends

When Harry met Sally

Since they’re too dumb to plan and think for themselves, the couple’s buddies jump into the picture and act as the saviors of the moment – only it turns out that their suggestions are for all for the worst. At the end it is always left upon the lad and lass to figure out the differences and join hands for a brighter future. What’s the point of such nonsense best friends anyway? Oh… and it’s not always a surprise when the advisor-friends start dating and get married before the couple does – thoroughly predictable.

Movies: When Harry met Sally, What Happens in Vegas, The Parent Trap

3. Coincidental Bumping into each other

What Women Want

Ok true the world is now a global village but these movies make it look as if we all live on the same street! The hero and heroine bump into each other on the most ridiculous of places and most preposterous of situations. It’s normally when the girl is avoiding the guy and the most common line you will hear then would be “You again?”. And she starts acting all annoyed but I would bet my dvd collection that there is a 99% probability that they would end up setting up a date for the coming weekend. Drink anyone?

Movies: What Women Want, Devil Wears Parada


The whole world knows it, their friends know it, the mailman knows it, and even the neighbor’s puppy dog knows it for crying out loud! But the couple won’t and they tend to take a good 75% of the movie to realize that they’ve got the hots for each other. Do they do it on purpose or are they just stupid? Beats me.

Movies: You’ve got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, My Best Friend’s Wedding

5. The Girl becomes Gorgeous

Princess Diaries

Throughout the move the girl is dressed up in the most perfect manner. Her dressing is an epitome of perfection regardless of the occasion in the film. But that’s something you should expect because it’s Hollywood rite? Yet they somehow manage to squeeze in a sequence whereby the Girl either descends some sort of heavenly stairs or enters a crowded room wherein everyone turns around and stair in wonder at the sublime beauty… the guys busy talking at one end of the room is the last to look of course. But when he does he is lost for words… or maybe just too stupid to string two words together.

Movies: She’s All That, Princess Diaries

6. Misunderstanding - Break up - Get back again

Sweet Home Alabama

It happens every single time doesn’t it? They have fight on an issue which is more often than not a misunderstanding where either of the couple completely refuses to hear the other one out, ignoring the repeated requests of “Just listen to me for a second, will you?”, and end up taking a lone depressed walk on a lone beach or a crowded footpath. Patience is a virtue and if they’d wait for a few more seconds instead of acting all tragically misunderstood, their lives would be so much simpler – and the footpaths of the cities would be half empty.

Movies: Sweet Home Alabama, Casablanca, Notting Hill

7. The unsavory Ex

Brule Almighty

Why do they all have to have those bizarre exes who have got nothing better to do then to show up at dates? Don’t they have their own dates to go to? And if that isn’t enough, they end up creating problems and misunderstandings for the existing couple by revealing a hidden fact ‘accidentally’ or merely by blatantly kissing their ex. What comes next? “Hey! Wait! It’s not what it looks like!”

Movies: Brule Almighty, What Women Want

8. The Rush Hour

Kate & Leopold

When you witness either of the dearly beloved running around in frenzy in the middle of nowhere towards their other half, be assured that you’re nearing the end. It’ either a plane that is about to be missed, or a wedding to be crashed, or simply the three transcendent words to be said… the rush hour is a part of every single romantic flick. But I wonder why they just let go of that plane and catch the next one themselves, or make a phone call using a cell phone, or simply wait! It’s not the end of the world now is it? They still have the live on and on for a few more decades… what’s the hurry?< Movies: Dresses, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Kate & Leopold

9. Songs

10 Things I hate About You

I wish music would erupt out of nowhere in the defining moments of my life. The perfect song starts playing at the pinnacle of emotional upheavals and settles the jittering nerves. And the song, mind you, is so romantic that you wish to fall in love just by listening to its music and lyrics. That does however put a question mark on whether the love is in effect true was it the effect of the perfect love song playing in the background.

Movies: 500 Days of Summer, A Walk to Remember, 10 Things I hate About You

10. Love Conquers all

Love Conquers all

No matter if the live or die, by the end of the dvd, they will be in love. The supreme power of love overcomes all personal and personality differences, useless friends, unsavory exes and nonsensical misunderstandings, and the couple kiss to confirm their undying affection for each other. Then end. *Tears*.

Movies: Alex and Emma, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Just Like Heaven

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