10 Worst Theme Party Ideas

10 Worst Theme Party Ideas

No matter how old the guests, everyone likes a good theme party. From the time that we’re kids, we anxiously plan our birthday parties each year around a theme. Usually, for the younger set, such themes consist of Dora, Spiderman, SpongeBob, and Bakugan. As we get older, however, sometimes our ideas of theme parties change, and not always for the better. Mostly everyone loves the traditional toga parties, decade parties, and Bros and ‘Hos parties. But some theme party ideas are better left undone. Themes from some of the most unpopular movies and television shows are trite and not fun, but believe it or not, there are actually worse themes than that. Here are ten of the worst theme party ideas ever.

1. Swine flu party

Swine flu party

Believe it or not, this was actually a party idea in 2009 when fear of contracting the deadly swine flu was at an all-time high. People thought that, instead of getting an “untested” vaccine to prevent getting the swine flu in the first place, sick people would mix with healthy people at a party, hopefully giving their sickness (in this case, swine flu) to the healthy people so that they would contract swine flu and get it over with. Some parents who are against vaccinations of any sort have done this in the past with their children and chicken pox. However,the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that having a swine flu party is a big mistake, as we don’t know how each individual will be impacted by the infection. The H1N1 virus could also mutate and create worse, possibly deadly strains. So if a swine flu party is your best idea for your next party, come up with a n0ew one, please.

2. Bad Host Party

Bad Host Party

Everyone has been to a party hosted by a Bad Host. You know, the guy who doesn’t offer you a drink, has no food or not enough food set out for guests, doesn’t introduce anyone to anyone else, plays crappy music, and buys cheap refreshments. If you want to recreate this, you’ll probably throw the worst party of your life. Not a great idea if you want to retain your friends into the next morning and ever be able to throw another good party again.

3. Blacklight Party

Blacklight Party

Another popular party on college campuses, Blacklight Parties involve guests wearing white shirts in order to gain entrance to the party. The house hosting the party must have blacklights installed, with highlighters guests can use to write on each other’s white shirts as they drink more and more. Some of the comments can be quite interesting. Often people start to lose their shirts as more and more alcohol is consumed. The unpredictability of this party, however, makes it a bad idea.

4. Black Out or Get Out

Black Out or Get Out

Upon arriving at the party, guests must immediately do 10 beers or 10 shots at a “Black Out or Get Out” party. A favorite of college kids all over the world, this party is a dangerous one for many reasons. One, alcohol poisoning can occur quickly, leaving you with sick or dead guests. Two, you’ll probably have a lot of vomit to clean up (among other things) after the party is over. Three, it’s likely that the cops will end up crashing this party at some time during the evening. If you decide to throw this type of party, keep these warnings in mind.

5. Dress as your favorite minority

This could get sticky and offensive really fast. The idea behind this party is to choose your “favorite” minority and dress as them. The problem becomes when you encounter someone of that minority at the party, or someone who is a friend or loved one of a person of that minority. Be ready for at least one fight at your party if you choose this party theme.

6. ABC Party

ABC Party

This party theme, as most people already know, stands for Anything But Clothes. The requirement to enter this party is that you may not wear anything that could be classified as clothes: no shirts, no shorts, no pants, no underwear. Some people may show up in trash bags, post-it notes, saran wrap, whipped cream, and a variety of non-clothing items. The scary part about this party is that too much gets shown off on people who really shouldn’t be showing it off at all.

7. The Nazi Party

The Nazi Party

This bad party theme goes along with number 3 above. Not only is having a Nazi party offensive to many, it’s also in very poor taste. Even if party attendees and throwers have the best of intentions, someone’s bound to take it a bit too far or let the whole idea get way out of hand and hurt someone else (either physically or emotionally or psychologically). Do everyone a favor and skip the Nazi party idea, please.

8. 40s and Blunts party

40s and Blunts party

No, this isn’t one of those Decades parties all about the 1940s. This decidedly stupid theme party idea is for blunts and 40 oz. beers to be available for consumption by party guests. It can become quite expensive for the party thrower, and also dangerous. Plus, there’s a lot of clean up involved with this one, just like with idea number 4 above. Only have this party in your own home, not anyone else’s, for their sake, please.

9. Prohibition party

Prohibition party

Why do people throw and attend parties? The primary reason is to drink alcohol. So what’s the idea behind a Prohibition Party? No alcohol. This is probably one of the worst and least popular theme party ideas of all time, specifically for that very reason.

10. Rejected Theme Party

This puts the theme in the hands of the party guests. They have their choice of any of the bad party themes above, and may pick one and arrive at the party dressed in that manner. Problem is, party hosts have no idea what to expect with this one, which makes the Rejected Theme idea one of the very worst Theme Party Ideas of all time!

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