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10 Ways To Grow Business Using Youtube

10 Ways To Grow Business Using Youtube

A recent study from comScore revealed that in October 2009, more than 167 million viewers in the U.S. watched an average of 167 videos. YouTube reached 1 billion views per day in the same month; You Tube attracts 41 millions views per hour. This provides an immense potential of leveraging your business through YouTube.
For leveraging YouTube for business, the message needs to be conveyed with a good content. Just like any form of social media the key lies in using YouTube as a way to communicate with people and not just as a channel for broadcasting.
Below are the 10 ways to grow your business using YouTube:

1. YouTube Profile

YouTube Profile

In Youtube, you can create your own profile page which will give viewers complete information about your business. Using the name of your business as a username helps you brand the URL ( Give brief and important information about your business and link it to your business webpage.
The first step is filling your complete profile providing every detail. This ensures good indexing for YouTube to recommend your profile to viewers. Upload a relevant profile picture as well.

2. Optimize Your Video Content

Optimize Your Video Content

YouTube is all about the content. Hence each video post must contain useful information for search engines to rank it. It’s very similar to the SEO for your blog posts.
Video Filename / Title of Video : Give a keyword reach name for your video file and avoid using names like ‘Video 1’, ‘vid02’, ‘DSC0931’ etc. Give it relevant names like, ‘How to grow twitter network’ etc. For title, you can use the extension of your filename.
Description: Provide a comprehensive description for your video post so that viewers get an idea of what to expect from it. It would be best to give the summary of your video content in words. You can also include links to your website to capitalize the traffic or reference to previous relevant posts.
Tags: Tags are as important as description and Title. It helps to categorize the video post and provide easier access to the viewers. For example, if you video is talking about internet marketing via YouTube, then you can add tags such as ‘YouTube, Video Marketing, Viral Marketing, etc’.

3. Brand your Channel

In order to be known among YouTube viewers, you need to create an awareness of your YouTube Profile by defining your channel type and providing more information about your YouTube Channel. For example, if your business is related to gaming then you can put your Channel under ‘Gaming’. Also, you can change the look and feel of your channel by using ‘Channel Design’ to suit your brand image.

4. Grow Your YouTube Friends

Grow Your YouTube Friends

YouTube’s ranking algorithm is dependent among user’s rating and comments. Hence getting more viewers to participate is essential.

Use YouTube search to find contents relevant to your business and check out the user profiles. Get connected with them and to build your network. You can also search for your location and connect with people who are geographically close to you. This way you can have more chances of taking the online relationships to offline business ventures.

5. Use Bulletins Board

Use Bulletins Board

YouTube provides a great way for viewers to engage in conversation through its bulletin board. It is available in your profile page and can be used as a means to update your viewers and engage in discussion. It’s the best way to increase your social points.
This doesn’t mean that you should just limit yourself to bulletins board. You should also visit other’s profile page and take part in discussion. This way you have more visibility which increases your chances of expanding your network.

6. Create Useful Playlist

Content aggregation is a one of the easiest ways to get noticed in YouTube. All you have to do is create your own playlist and share it with the community. Try to collect as many good contents (related to your business) as possible in YouTube and categories them in a playlist. The more informative and relevant your list, more are the chances of people subscribing to your channel.

7. Measure Your Performance

Measure Your Performance

Marketing campaign is of no use if it lacks analytical framework. YouTube has its own section called Insights which provides you all the necessary details like page views, timeline visits and map overlay. These details will give you an insight into your audience.
User ratings and comments also carry valuable information.

8. Embed Video in your Website and Blog

Integrate your business page with your YouTube profile using free plug-in and widgets available on the internet. This helps your potential customers to find more information about your services and products.

9. Promote Video In Social Networking Sites

Creating the content and engaging in YouTube community is only the framework. You also need to distribute your content to other social networking platforms like Digg, Twitter, Facebook and blogs. You need to make your video dynamic and playable in any device from desktop to mobile.
Each social media site has its own effect and can work wonders in bringing traffic to your video. Reports suggest that Facebook is the best way to promote YouTube videos as maximum traffic to Youtube comes from Facebook. On the other hand Twitter has 8% link submission from YouTube.

10. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe

You need to predefine your Youtube audience. Do not create videos and distribute them without any plan. With each video, you should try to encourage users to subscribe to your channel. The video should be branded in a way that viewers can relate it to your services. For promoting mass distribution, the video should have sharing and embedding facility.

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