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10 Ridiculously Hilarious Japanese Sexual Fetishes – Strangest Aspects

10 Ridiculously Hilarious Japanese Sexual Fetishes – Strangest Aspects

Sexual fetishes by definition are bound be creepy, weird and perverse to most but the extreme the Japanese take their fetishes to, is ridiculous. They name every fetish and collect its items with pride like a record collection even swapping the materials with other enthusiasts of the same fetish! The culture once reminiscent to the western world as a modest, traditional society where propriety was everything is today known for its sex robots and dirty panty vending machines. A shag is not just a shag in the kimono clad culture today, it is a thing of imagination and fantasy. This has given birth to some of the most ridiculous sexual fetishes the human mind can conjure up. From sex toys to face farts read on to be entertained and creep-ed out by these ten most weird and whacky Japanese fetishes.

1. Gaman Kao

Gaman Kao

Giving the word ridiculous new wind is this very peculiar fetish also known as “patience face”. Before your mind goes astray, a patience face is a word the Japanese use for sex-face and the best way to satisfy this fetish, the Japanese find, is through making Patience Face Porn. The really ridiculous part however is how this reverse porn is shot and showcased. The “actress’s” head is placed through a  hole in the wall and the sex goes on the other side of the wall, so all that the voyeurs can see is the Patience Face. Weird fetishists galore!


2. Datch Waifu

Datch Waifu

Japan is known as a nation obsessed with technological advancement so it comes as little surprise that they have created the world’s most life like sex doll. The “Datch Waifu” derived its name from the Dutch wife, which was a bamboo pillow used by the old Dutch sailors to relieve them of the stifling heat while sleeping. The Japanese have a little more in mind than just the “heat” to avoid… the Japanese Datch Waifu is made with silicone and is soft to touch and are free of any seams! Before you raise your eyebrows, would you not check for seams before committing to a “till death” with a doll? The doll comes with a lifetime warranty and can cost up to $6000. Incase things do not “work out” the doll can go back to the manufacturer for a proper funeral. Really, is there any other way a lifetime commitment can end with a doll?


3. Face-farting


In the traditional demure culture of Japan, women were bought up to never fart in presence of other people and I guess that made this fetish into the must have forbidden fruit. An off shoot of the popular Omorashi fetish (where people get turned n by urination!); these fetishist not only enjoy the smell of girl farts in a closed room but they actually enjoy being farted on the face! And off course they like the farts to be as loud as they are smelly… Sordid or ridiculous? You decide.


4. Laying more than a Whisper on their Pillows


The country that introduced the world to geek chic is now leading the fetish fest by talking pillow snuggling to a whole new level. The awkward Japanese boys and girls are now buying boyfriends and girlfriends that can double as bed accessories; pillows with comic idols printed on them! Think that is weird? Think again, the pillows based on the otaku comics and video games can come with anatomically correct body parts i.e. if you have a little more than snuggling in mind. These “pillows” are even equipped with a “hole” and for efficiency this hole is both removable and washable. Now that is turning the idea of a good night sleep on its head!


5. Ha Daisuki

Ha Daisuki

Clean white teeth, minty fresh breath and a sparkling smile are not what the Japanese have in mind with this bizarre fetish, which literally translates to “tooth love”. The Ha Daisuki fetishist admires not the nudity or the act of sex instead they have a collection of videos of eating, brushing teeth and flossing and the weirdest, dental exams and x-rays. Chewing gum is considered especially erotic by these mouth fetishists; you heard it here chewing gum is not only rude but pornographic!


6. Imekura


Imekura or a play on the word image club is not just a Japanese fetish but are scattered all across Europe and the Americas as gentlemen’s club, butler or maid cafés. The unique Japanese twist to these brothels comes from the imaginative and unusual fetishes they aim to satisfy; and when it comes to the Japanese you can be sure the fetishes will be unique. The themes of Imekura range from the strange like airplane interiors with flight attendants and the truly perverse high school class-rooms to the really ridiculous and popular simulation of crowded train groping! Just when you thought the land of the dirty panty dispensers could not get any weirder.


7. Haircut Fetish

Haircut Fetish

This is exactly as it sound a fetish with hair getting cut! Like the tooth lovers the haircut fetishists are not interested in nudity or sex but get their groove on by just watching long hair get cut. Featuring a lot of close ups of fine hair getting cut these “pornographic” videos feature actresses wearing long wigs that tease the voyeur by swaying their hair before getting a regular hair cut.

8. Cat Slapping

Cat Slapping

Another term borrowed by the Japanese from their western rivals – cat slapping; it is a version of cat fight only pornographic! In a typical cat slapping porno an actress is filmed while out on the streets hitting un-suspecting women in the face! Believe it or not it turns the Japanese on. Another more sort after form of the cat slapping porn is when the makers of the porn go out on the street and ask regular women to slap each other in the face. Gives girls gone wild a completely new perspective, doesn’t it?


9. Bebigyaru


Bebigyaru is the phonetic term for baby girl, which in a fetish sense connotes a fascination with baby diapers, this fetish entails getting a kick out of seeing diaper-clad women. The fetish was first popularized by middle-aged men who worked all day and wanted to come home and be taken care of like babies! Ridiculous much? It gets weirder as it also involves sucking on teeters or a milk bottle for a more optimal effect. Diaper fetish is getting more popular in Japan due to the huge cosplay obsession. Makes you wonder, if the whole Japanese sex sub-culture is a Freudian experiment?


10. Zettai Ryokiu

Zettai Ryokiu


This is possibly the most popular of all the Japanese fetishes, if you have ever seen knee socks on a Japanese girl you will understand why they are so popular in their culture. Considered a body part fetish the Zetaai Ryokiu also known as “delicious thighs”; in particular the naked area between the knee sock and the mini skirt. What makes this fetish really ridiculous is the literal meaning of the word Zettai Ryokiu – Absolute Territory. From film stars and pop idols to the crazed comics knee high socks and boots are a fashion must have feeding the fetish that is the top choice among fetishes for men aged 30–40. Stemming from the men’s intense adoration for schoolgirl out-fits this popular fetish is both creepy and ridiculous!


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