10 Notorious Political Lies Told In The World

10 Notorious Political Lies Told In The World

When we look back on the political landscape, we find notorious political lies that changed the course of a country at certain points in time. The lies that were told reveal an ominous fact. Politicians created the lies that made them infamous.

1. Umbrella Murder

Georgi Markov, a talented young Bulgarian writer, defected in 1969 and sought asylum in England. He was labeled a traitor by the Communist regime of Bulgaria. He was murdered in 1978 by a man wielding an umbrella. The assassination became know as the “Umbrella Murder”.

2. Moscow Bans Polish Meat

Russia engaged in a game of political football with the Polish government in 2006. The crisis centered around the ban on imported meat from Poland. Moscow claimed the meat was not properly certified. Russia warned members of the European Union that Poland was not abiding by certified practices. It was all politics and lies.

3. First Lady Hillary Clinton: Role Model

Hillary Clinton was First Lady of the United States. The world expected her to be a spokesperson for women around the world. She could not live up to the expectations because she had to respond to charges that her husband was cheating on her. Instead, she reacted as an exploited woman. The women of the world expected some professionalism from her during this time. She deceived the entire sorority of women.

4. The US Presidential Campaign of 1990

The political campaign was full of charges and counter charges related to lies and dishonesty. Clinton charged Bush with lying and said that he looked like Pinocchio. Statements were made that Bush was trying to clinch the election with intentional lies. Bush’s press secretary replied that Clinton was playing politics and made remarks about Clinton’s disregard for honesty. Al Gore compared the Bush campaign to a “big lie” technique.

5. George Bush - Like Father, Like Son

A skill for telling lies is shared equally by the senior and junior Bush. The junior told the famous lie in 2003 when he said that, “We have discovered weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.” The US Army made advances in the Middle East and found nothing. In 1988, the senior Bush made the now infamous statement, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

6. Joseph Stalin

In 1941, Germany broke the non aggression pact that it had signed with Russia. Russia then entered the war on the side of the Allies. In meeting with other Allied members, Stalin promised not to interfere in the affairs of other nations. He was lying. He installed communist governments in most of the countries in Eastern Europe. These countries fell behind what became known as the “Iron Curtain”.

7. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, told a lie under oath regarding his alleged connection with Monica Lewinsky. He was the second president in US history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. He was accused of a sexual indiscretion, to which Clinton had replied, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

8. Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, lied about his efforts to cover up his misdeeds regarding the Watergate scandal. The truth was disclosed and he ultimately had to resign to avoid impeachment.

9. Jimmy Carter

Another US president, Jimmy Carter, was holding a press conference in 1980, in which he stated he would not use military action to free the hostages being held in the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran. The truth was that a military option was being planned at that very time. We should remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill, who noted that in wartime the truth must be preserved with a bodyguard of lies.

10. Neville Chamberlain

In 1938, British Prime Chamberlain met with German Chancellor Hitler to find a diplomatic way to avoid war. Adolf Hitler assured Chamberlain that war could be avoided if Czechoslovakia would agree to redraw its border. Chamberlain agreed and announced to the British Parliament that Hitler, “Means what he says.” Hitler took the opposite action. It is one of humanity’s most shocking lies.

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