10 Must Have Accessories For A Camping Trip

10 Must Have Accessories For A Camping Trip

Every person needs a break at some point from its monotonous life, and what could be a better getaway than a camping trip! Sharing the joys of nature with your close ones at a quite sheltered spot away from the problems of life sure sounds tempting, but even this perfect vacation can turn out to be a disaster if not properly planned. By planning I mean making a list of all the things that you’ll need for your trip. To get you started I have compiled a list of 10 accessories that you MUST HAVE in your camping kit. No matter what other things you take along with, your camping gear will be incomplete without them. So make sure you have each one of these items before you leave.

1. Map and Compass:

Mapand Compass

Even though these are two items, I have put them in one category because they go hand in hand when directions are needed. It’s very easy to get lost in the woods or wherever is it that you’re camping because everything looks more or less the same. So be sure that you carry a good compass and a map of that area because getting lost in the wilderness can be a pretty scary experience.

2. First Aid Kit:

First Aid Kit

No camping gear is complete without a one because accidents are bound to happen on an outdoor venture. Your first aid kit should have all the basic medications needed to heal minor injuries, cuts and burns. Adding extra medication won’t be a bad idea since you never know what can happen out there.

3. Flashlight:


Stumbling in the great outdoors at night time is no fun. You need something to illuminate your way in the dark and this is where your flashlight comes in. These portable devices are ideal for those necessary trips to look in the middle of the night. So unless you plan on finding your way by moonlight, I strongly recommend that you carry at least two of these.

4. Swiss Army Knife:

Swiss Army Knife

An ideal substitute for a tool box, the Swiss army knife has it all; from bottle/can openers, to screwdrivers, blades, scissors and even a small wood saw. The best part about it is that it’s only 3-4 inches long and can easily fit in your pocket. A great addition to your camping gear for which you will surely find the need during you trip.

5. Water purifier:

Water Purifier

Of course you’ll carry enough water supplies to last you throughout your trip, but what if you run out? You can’t just drink water out of a natural pool near you campsite! A water purifier will be a good back-up in situations such as these. These portable pitchers will filter out all harmful organisms making the water safe to drink. Don’t miss out on it coz your never know when you might need one.

6. Tent:


You can’t visualize your camping trip without it! A tent will be your source of shelter from bad weather and insects. So unless you plan on staying in a cave, don’t leave without one.

7. Sleeping bag:

Sleeping bag

Instead of going through the hassle of carrying blankets and pillows, you could just take a sleeping bag. It’ll keep you as snug as a bug and the extra padding will serve as a good substitute for a mattress, giving you a more comfy sleep. Wrapped in one of these, you could even sleep under the stars if the weather is good!

8. Portable gas burner:

Portable gas burner

A camping trip is not complete without a proper campfire, but you can’t light a fire every time you want to cup of tea or warm your food. A portable gas burner comes in handy in situations like these. Extremely light-weight and taking very little space, these burners will save you a lot of time and energy which you would rather utilize on enjoying your venture.

9. Back Pack:

Bag Pack

Every camper should carry a proper back-pack, because when you leave your campsite to explore the surrounding area, you will in need a lot of things like your map, compass, water bottle etc which you can’t just carry with your hands. Try getting one with multi-compartments, to keep your belongings organized.

10. Camping Shoes:

Camping Shoes

Normal shoes won’t work on this trip especially when you go hiking, because it’s going to be really rough out there and you will need proper camping shoes to protect your feet from getting blisters or getting wet. These shoes are water-proof and have a steel shank at their base which absorbs energy and protects your feet, keeping you comfortable and pain free. A good pair of camper’s shoes is definitely a must-have when you’re spending time with nature.

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