10 Great Baby Care Gadgets

10 Great Baby Care Gadgets

Although good parenting is a quality that comes naturally to most people, there are devices that can make your task easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Here we list some of the most innovative, useful and cost effective baby care products available today.

1. Baby Bath Thermometer

Baby Bath Thermometer



If your baby starts raising hell as soon as his little bottom hits the water, chances are that the water is either too hot or too cold for his sensitive skin. Now with the cute little Baby Bath Thermometer, bathing your baby is no longer the war of wills. The thermometer is made up of soft plastic so it can also serve as an adorable bath toy.



2. Yoomi Bottle Warming System

Yoomi Bottle Warming System


The Yoomi Bottle Warming System is a feeding bottle and one touch milk warmer that can warm the bottle to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 30 seconds. The warming device is rechargeable and the teats are replaceable. So for $ 40 only, it is definitely not a bad deal to make your life a little more comfortable.



3. Imonitor Video Baby Monitor

Imonitor Video Baby Monitor

Your baby requires all the care and attention he can get but its just not practical to keep an eye out on your little one all the time. The inmonitor handheld color video monitor lets you do just that by wirelessly transmitting your baby’s video and audio over a 600ft range. It also includes night vision, vibration and real time digital zoom. The product also minimizes interference so as to make sure you don’t end up monitoring the neighbor’s baby.



4. Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Simple and effective, the Squirt Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon makes sure your baby gets the mouthful that he can handle. The bulb holds 3 ounces of baby grub and delivers the food into his little mouth by a simple squeeze. This cute spoon comes in three bright colors and is BpA, Phthalate and PVC free.



5. Always Clean Pacifier

Always Clean Pacifier


Babies are dropping their simulated nipples all the time. So if you are not satisfied with just a quick wipe on the bib, the Always Clean Pacifier makes sure the business end of the binkie is always clean.  Its unique shield closes before it hits the ground and for $3.99 only, you can’t go wrong with this little thing.



6. Bomo Baby Carriage

Bomo Baby Carriage


Babies who are unfortunately disabled still want to follow their parents around all the time. If they are too small to use wheelchairs, the Bomo Baby Carriage can still enable them to wheel around the house. The carriage can be programmed to automatically follow the parent and can also navigate around obstacles. The little monster can also take control by using the manual mode and a fully functioning steering wheel. For an able bodied baby, the device is also loads of fun but you might have a problem getting him out of his robot at the end of the day.



7. BabySplat



Babies have a tendency to slam the keyboard with random fists and then with uncanny precision, email the gibberish to your boss. With freeware BabySplat, your baby can safely go on clicking and smacking without giving you a heart attack.  BabySplat displays various shapes and play various sounds to different key presses so that your work is safeguarded and the baby doesn’t get annoyed with the “this computer is locked” message.



8. The Link Child Locator

The Link Child Locator


A child wandering off and going missing, even for a few minutes, is a terrible ordeal for parents. If your baby has just learned to walk, he would definitely want to explore the world without the parent yelling out all the time. With Link’s child locator, you can be sure that your child is close by. A bracelet like transmitter can be attached to the child and the parental receiver can alert you if the child moves out of a selected comfort distance.  The receiver also provides directions to the child’s location and functions as a regular watch when everything is normal.



9. Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case

Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case


Drools, grubby hands, runny noses and assorted spills tend to get mothers totally nervous and grasping for wipes. For hygiene conscious mothers who want to leave no clues to the babyness of their child, the Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case is a handy tool for swift wipe delivery.  This simple transparent case can hang from the back of the pram and make sure your baby is always flawless.



10. Babycook



Make your baby the perfect meal using this all in one steamer, blender, warmer and defroster. Steaming is the healthiest method of cooking as it preserves all the vitamins and flavors your toddler so essentially requires. Babycook lets you blend the foods to different consistencies and also reheat and unfreeze precooked meals.



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