10 Graveyards Where You Don’t Want To Be Buried

10 Graveyards Where You Don’t Want To Be Buried

Graveyards have the reputation for being spooky places. Some, however, are spookier than others. Because of an interrupted interment, vandalism within the graveyard, or odd occurrences surrounding a person’s death, some graveyards are said to be haunted. Those who study paranormal activity for a living say that these ghosts appear as white lights on film, and claim to have heard ghostly voices which have been recorded on tape, making their existence seem all the more real. For whatever reason, the following graveyards are all said to be haunted by at least one spirit. It is advisable to avoid being buried at the following cemeteries, if at all possible!

1. Albany Rural Cemetery

Albany Rural Cemetery

28 Cemetery Avenue
Albany, New York
Established in 1844, Albany Rural Cemetery is the final resting place of Chester Arthur, the 21st President of the United States. You might not want to call Albany Rural Cemetery your final resting place, however, as it is said to be haunted. Visitors claim to have seen the ghosts of a young couple in pajamas floating around the cemetery. It is also said that the ghosts of some Civil War veterans who are buried there haunt the cemetery. Not the best choice for a final resting place if you live in the Albany area!

2. Cemetery St. Louis No. 1

Cemetery St. Louis No. 1

425 Basin St.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Because of the high water table in the city of New Orleans, underground burial hasn’t always been practical. Once buried, a corpse was likely to emerge during the next heavy rainfall. So, New Orleaneans started burying their dead in tombs and mausoleums above ground. Cemetery St. Louis No. 1, the oldest cemetery in the city, is full of crypts and, supposedly, many ghosts. The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans (also known as Marie Leveau) is the cemetery’s main spook. Onlookers say that her ghost appears in the cemetery as a large black Voodoo cat with fire red eyes. If you let the cat see your back, legend has it, you will be cursed forever. This is not a place you’d like to subject relatives and friends to as they visit you after your demise.

3. Stull Cemetery

Stull Cemetery

Stull, Kansas
One would not expect a cemetery in the middle of small-town Kansas to be called one of the “seven gateways to hell,” but that’s the nickname given to Stull Cemetery. It is said that the devil’s only half-human child, whose mother is said to have been a witch, is buried here. The child was said to have been an outcast kept chained underneath his house since infancy, treated like a wild animal. The boy supposedly chewed off his own left hand at age 10, escaping from his imprisonment and killing people in the town of Stull, until he was finally killed by a farmer. Witnesses say the ghost of the child appears in the cemetery as a 10- year old boy, but that he can also turn himself into a dog, cat, or wolf. People say the devil himself appears at Stull Cemetery every Halloween at midnight. Keep away from Stull in life, or after death!

4. Old Westminster Burial Ground

Old Westminster Burial Ground

519 W. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD
The final resting place of Edgar Allen Poe is also said to be haunted. The story goes that many who were interred here were still alive when buried. When they finally did die underground in their graves, their souls became free to wander the cemetery, looking for the people responsible for burying them. The Skull of Cambridge, which is actually the head of a murdered minister, .is also buried here. It is said that when the skull was buried, it was placed in a block of cement in order to drown out the screams emerging from this dead skull. Today, people claim to still hear it screaming at the cemetery. Old Westminster Burial Ground is not a place one would willingly choose for a peaceful final rest!

5. Catacombs


Paris, France
The Catacombs in Paris is a place most people would not want to spend eternity, as it is full of uprooted souls. Years ago, as Paris was growing, the decision was made to disinter its dead from city cemeteries and place them instead along the walls of damp, dark passageways underneath the city. Bones were placed in the passageways where anyone could see them, with no privacy at all in their final resting place. Today, unhappy ghosts of these dead are said to haunt the Catacombs, felt and sensed by many who visit. And sometimes caught on film, as you can see above. Eerie!

6. Rookwood Cemetery

Rookwood Cemetery

Sydney, Australia
The largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere, Rookwood Cemetery (also called Rookwood Necropolis) is the final resting place for over one million people. Opened in 1867, the cemetery covers 700 acres and is divided into 80 religious and cultural groups. Rookwood houses the grave of the Davenport Brothers, famous Australian criminals, who are said to still haunt the cemetery. With over a million buried here, you can be sure that if there are ghosts wandering around any cemetery in the world, there must be more than a few in Rookwood.

7. Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Easton, Connecticut
Union Cemetery is famous for the ghost of the White Lady who wanders the cemetery at night. Many tragedies have taken place around the cemetery, which may lead to the number of ghosts believed to be haunting it. Two girls were killed in a car crash right outside the cemetery gates. A man committed suicide there using dynamite. A woman stabbed her husband near there for no apparent reason. Many believe these people were under the influence of negative spirits wandering Union Cemetery when these heinous crimes were committed. Steer clear of Union Cemetery!

8. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor’s Grove is an abandoned cemetery near Chicago that is said to house many spirits who haunt the area. There have been over one hundred documented paranormal phenomena at Bachelor’s Grove. Founded in the early 1800s, the cemetery fell into disrepair as vandals found it in the 1960s. Some believe these vandalism incidences started the haunting. The corpses of small animals have been found near a pond on the cemetery grounds, leading some to believe it is a site for occult meetings. For whatever reason, Bachelor’s Grove is not a good place for bachelors, or anyone else, to spend eternity!

9. Springhill Cemetery

Springhill Cemetery

Fort Dade Avenue
Brooksville, Florida
Located about 75 miles from Tampa Bay, one of the most notable features of Springhill Cemetery is its “hanging tree,” which was used, as the name implies, for hangings in the 1800s. Many have seen ghosts hanging from the tree or lying beneath it. Spirits have also been seen walking around gravestones in the cemetery. Because it is surrounded by trees, which increases its spookiness, the cemetery is often called the “Black Cemetery.” It is also said to be a meeting place for the KKK. Definitely not a peaceful place for your soul to rest.

10. Chestnut Hill Cemetery

Chestnut Hill Cemetery

Exeter, Rhode Island
The hauntings surrounding Chestnut Hill Cemetery are believed to have started in 1892, when a young girl died and her father said her spirit visited him each night, saying she was hungry. After being haunted by her for months, the father went to the cemetery, dug up her body, and had her organs drained of all remaining blood. It is said that this violation of her final resting place has caused the girl to haunt the cemetery at all hours of the day and night, appearing in a torn black dress and saying “Please leave me to now rest in peace!” If you want a quiet rest after death, steer clear of Chestnut Hill.

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