10 Dumb Laws in Florida that are Nothing but Plain Stupid

10 Dumb Laws in Florida that are Nothing but Plain Stupid

We are all getting in love with the dumb laws that are effective in each of the states of America that have been shared with you. In this post, we move from Delaware to Florida which is also known as the Sunshine State. Luckily for us all lovers of dumb laws, Florida has outdone itself this time. Let’s have a look at these laws and figure out for ourselves how stupid can the laws get!

1 – Pregnant Pigs are Allowed to Roam Around Freely!


Next time, when you see a big fat pregnant pig roaming around in your neighborhood, dare not confine it in a cage or even tether it. Any attempt to do so can make you guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree! Stay on the lookout for pregnant pigs, folks!


2 – You Are Not to Do Anything Unnatural!


Are you serious? No? You must be joking, right? How does one figure out what is natural and what is unnatural. We aren’t magicians, right? Wait, what if magic doesn’t come naturally to us? Can we then try to practise a bit of magic? Quite confusing, ain’t it?


3 – Open and Gross Lewdness Not Allowed!


If you had any plans to copying Christian Grey, the rich entrepreneur from Fifty Shades of Grey, it won’t happen in Florida! As somebody was telling the other day, “According to online ticket sellers, Fifty Shades of Grey beat the record for fastest selling R-rated movie in history. Well, actually, first it tied the record, then beat it!”


4 – No Public Pranks Allowed!


For all you pranksters out there! This is bad news! If ever you were thinking to put on a neon green morph suit and break into a news studio and harass the weatherman! Well, simply, you can’t do it in Florida.


5 – Doors to Open Outward!


What kind of law is this? What if you open the door outward and someone walking past it gets hit? As someone was saying, “My boss told me to leave my problems outside the door. So, I asked him to step outside…”


6 – Selling or Buying of Minors Not Allowed!


Does this rule only applies to minors? Do they mean adults can be bought or sold? Kind of confusing!


7 – Hot Dog Stand Guys Need to Suit Up!


Persons may not be “inappropriately attired” who work at hot dog stands. Probably, up is the general direction in which the hot dog stand guys need to suit!


8 – Illegal to Sale Ducklings!


It is illegal for an owner of a pet shop to allow another person to sell or giveaway free ducklings in front of the store. Sure the pet store can showcase them, right?


9 – No Dressing or Undressing on the Beach!


If you wish to go for swimming on the beach, get dressed in your hotel room!


10 – No Rockets or Torpedoes in Parks!


Torpedoes may not be set off in the city parks. Same goes for rockets, if you own any in the first place.


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