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10 Cool Futuristic Robots

10 Cool Futuristic Robots

Can you imagine robots replacing human intelligence? I can’t. But robots can very well make our life more efficient. The field of engineering dealing with robots, called Mechatronics, has made giant strides in the past few decades and robots of amazing sophistication and technical acumen are now being regularly developed. These machines can perform daily chores, possess intelligent rhetoric and amazing mobility – emulating humans in almost every way.

Here are 10 groundbreaking robots which might be the pioneers of an amazing future age of robotic societies and cultures.

1. Asimo


Asimo, an abbreviation for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, is a humanoid robot created by Honda. It stands at 130 cm and weighs 54 kgs. Developed in 2005, Asimo has been constantly optimized and upgraded. Today, it can walk, climb stairs, run and also push objects like grocery carts. It can recognize moving objects and faces, distinguish sounds and act according to the environment.

2. Snake Robots

Snake Robots

A creation of Dr. Gavin Miller, Snake Robot or Snakebot, as its name suggests, is designed like a snake. The Snakebot can move in deserts, swim, fly from one tree to another and could play a crucial role in search and rescue operations. Due to their shape and size, these robots can reach areas otherwise inaccessible to humans. They have also been envisioned to land on alien environments like Mars.

3. Micro-Aerial Vehicles (MAVs)

Micro-Aerial Vehicles (MAVs)

MAVs are small flying robots with sensors to perform air surveillance. These bots are available in three different wing models – flapping , rotary and fixed wing and are being built by various institutions, ranging from universities to defense department. Due to their unique and compact structure, these robots are expected to revolutionize surveillance and stealth operations.

4. ChemBot


ChemBot, as explained by its creator from DARPA and the US Army Research office, is designed to develop a soft, flexible, mobile robot that can identify and maneuver through openings smaller than its actual structural dimensions to perform Department of Defense (DoD) tasks within complex and highly cluttered environments. These are chemically powered, shape-shifting robots devoid of wheels or any other rigid elements. The vision is to enable such robots to pass through very small orifices. ChemBot is the brainchild of iRobot, a public company listed at the NASDAQ.

5. Flossie


Designed especially to test the oils in bikes at Castrol, these robots are intelligent machines which test the bike for long hours in inhuman conditions of extreme heat and deafening sounds. Flossie constantly learns from the clutch feel, throttle response and shift pattern, making it the ultimate vehicle testing machine.



The Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATRs) are mean warmachines. They have a diverse diet and can feed on biomass as well as conventional fuels like petrol, diesel, coal etc. These robots can also acts as transport vehicles, capable of carrying persons or objects like weapons, transport fuel and travel to areas otherwise inaccessible to humans. EATRs are still in the development phase at Robotic Technology Inc.

7. Rex


Also described as the “Robotic Beast of Burden”, Rex is a robot strong enough to carry loads up to 400 lbs. Rex is designed for war situations and can help the combatants by providing logistical support. Designed and developed by an Israel based company called Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI), Rex can operate up to 72 hours during a mission.

8. WR-07 – A Real Transformer

WR-07 – A Real Transformer

A real transforming robot is now a reality. Hemji Soft Japan has created the worlds first transformer which can change itself from a robot into a car. Transformers like these have a huge potential for providing multiple services under a single platform.

9. The Robotic Chair

The Robotic Chair

According to, Robotic Chair is a generic-looking wooden chair with the capability to fall apart and put itself back together. With shuddering movement, the chair collapses to the floor and then with persistence and determination, proceeds to seek out its parts and erect itself.
The chair is the creation of Max Dean, who wanted to make a robotic social commentary by emulating the rise, fall and union of individuals and societies. However, no matter how impressive this creation might seem, this chair has not found any utilitarian value.

10. A-Pod


From the creator of hexapods, comes the famed A-Pod. This is a six legged robot that can perform a variety of tricks like climbing ropes, swinging from trees, pouring a glass of water and picking up objects amongst others. A-Pod has an abdomen with 2 DOF (Degree of Freedom), a 3 DOF head with huge mandibles and finally, 6 legs with 3 DOF each.
A-Pod is the creation of Zenta, who is no stranger when it comes to Hexapods and robots in general.

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