10 Bizarre Start Up Ideas That Made Millionaires

10 Bizarre Start Up Ideas That Made Millionaires

The best way to make money is to start your own business. But these days normally only those ideas work which completely off the wall. Below you will come across a list of people who made a hefty amount of bucks by conducting an eccentric array of businesses ranging from cremating people in unique fashion to researching on chicken poop. They may seem bizarre at the beginning and a sane person would definitely not be willing to invest in any of these misadventures. But nobody minds becoming a millionaire do they?

1. 1-800-Got-Junk?


This junk removal service was established in Vancouver, Canada in 1989 by founder and current CEO Brian Scudamore. He purchased a used pickup truck for $700 and came up with the slogan “We’ll stash your trash in a flash.” In 1993, months before his graduation, Scudamore quit university to concentrate on his business full time. Naturally his father, who was a Doctor by occupation, wasn’t too excited about his son’s professional plans but had to give in seeing his son’s enthusiasm. All you’ve got to do is call the company up, tell them you have a bunch of junk stashed up, and they will come and hurl it away! The company has established more than 220 franchises thro ughout the United States, Canada and Australia, and is worth more than $100 million.

Website: 1-800-GOT-JUNK?


Setting up a website today is a piece of cake. But finding the domain name that you want and which already is not taken is quite the opposite. So one man exploited this opportunity and came up with a unique idea that made him considerably rich; he simply suggested domain names for websites. Mind you it does take a certain degree of creativity! So here is how it works: after depositing 50 dollars, clients start receiving a list of available domain names via e-mail for a 30 day period. If they see a domain they like, they register it and notify the service about domain acquired. If no domain is registered, the money is refunded in full. The firm is now worth at least $5 million, courtesy this ridiculously simple idea.

Website: PickyDomains

3. Doggles


Eyewear for a pet dog? Sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it? But not if someone actually starts manufacturing them and turns it into a million dollar business, not then it doesn’t. The business has received attention and coverage from CNN, Women’s World, People, Reggie and Kelly, National Geographic and Animal Planet. Starting off with goggles they have now expanded their business into a host of other accessories for their animals which include Backpacks, Flotation Jackets, T Shirts, Caps, and Toys.

Website: Doggles

4. FitDeck


So what have card games got to do with a bunch of exercise routines and workout? Well, only a business worth $4.7 million if you are nonsensical and astute enough to combine them both and sell it for $18.95 a piece. Pretty much sounds like a disaster and a waste of trees, but this five year old, high-growth consumer products company’s inventor Phil Black came up with the idea to create FitDeck after combining the fun of a card game he used to play in college with the rigors of his Navy SEAL training. Definitely pays more than the Navy!

Website: FitDeck

5. SantaMail


Ok, this is something you’ll never fall for because it’s just too stupid work; someone gets a wacko postal address somewhere around North Pole or Alaska, pretends to be a Santa Claus himself, and charges hapless parents $10 for every letter he sends to their kids. Guess what, somebody made it work, received and sent over 200,000 letters since the start of business in 2001, and has made himself over $3 million! Ho Ho Ho…Get rich or become Santa tryi’n.

6. Murder Scene Mop Up

Murder Scene Mop Up

So how much money could you make by simply cleaning up? Not much naturally. Now, how much money could you make cleaning up after a murder or a suicide took place? Well someone tried it and they had $ 1 million in sales last year alone. But that’s not all what Advanced Bio-Treatment do. To put it bluntly, they also handle meth labs, fecal matter and urine. Now the job is certainly not for the faint at heart – and it’s a disgusting job but someone’s got to do it. And everyone would love to it if it brought a couple million dollars in return.

Website: Advance Bio Treatment

7. DoodyCalls


So what does this business do? Here’s the idea: you’re sitting in your office, your sales representatives receives an urgent phone call declaring that a client’s puppy has taken a crap in the front yard. So what does your sales rep do? She sends out a team of highly trained professionals to clean that little piece of poop. Possible? $2 Million in last year’s revenue alone clearly says: hell yea! So summing up, DoodyCalls scoops over 3 million poops a year, Over 8,000 dogs are happy customers, and they pick up what dogs leave behind in 21 states all over USA.

Website: DoddyCalls

8. Eternal Reefs

Eternal Reef

Another weird business, Eternal Reefs, Inc. promises eternal living legacies that memorialize the passing of a loved one. If you wish to burn your loved one after they have died, or in other words, cremate them, then for you Eternal Reefs offers a new memorial choice that replaces cremation urns and ash scattering with a permanent environmental living legacy. Families and friends are invited and encouraged to participate in the creation of their loved one’s ‘Memorial Reef’. You can place your handprint in the damp concrete during the casting, or simply place a flag on your loved one’s memorial reef during a military honors ceremony, anything that you believe will help your loved one go down in style. Projected sales are over $500,000 by the end of this year.

Website: Eternal Reefs

9. Boomerang Boxes

Boomerang Boxes

Marty Metro and his wife loved travelling and moving places. One day they realized that after their marriage they had shifted places an astounding 29 times. So Metro sat down and began wondering how could his massive experience in constantly shifting all over the nation could help him. He concluded that using massive amounts of cardboard boxes was a problem he had faced ever so often. So he convinced himself that he could help movers, businesses and the environment in general by creating a solution to the cardboard quandary. So now, Boomerang Boxes had an entire business plan which just rents out and provides cardboard boxes of variable shapes and sizes. With annual sales projections exceeding $750,000, the company is ever growing.

Website: Boomerang Boxes

10. BioScientific Inc

BioScientific Inc

The idea, quite literally, is chicken shit. Guano Plus is a fertilizer made of chicken droppings and its sales exceed $1 million annually. Bill Thomas is a creative man with unique talents, as his business idea clearly goes to show. He realized that although owning a chicken farm is something quite normal and profitable, the unsavory chicken poop is something that could be made of use as well. A little bit of research and getting his hands dirty has resulted in him being a millionaire.

Website: BioScientific Inc.

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